Sunday, March 23, 2008


Opp. to Dr.Y.SanjeevaRao ENT Hospital, Ravi Children Hospital Street,

16-2-172, KasthurideviNagar, Pogathota,
Timings : 10.00 am-02.00 pm. & 5.00 pm to 9.00pm
Phone:+918612306466. 9885020429
Speciality Sevices :
1.Dental Implants.
2.Dentures-Implant dentures,Over dentures,Cast Partial Dentures,Acrylic Dentures,Removable Partial Dentures.
3.Fixed Partial Dentures-Metal Free Cermaic,Metal fused Ceramics,Nickel-Crm,Gold Crowns & Bridges.
4.Orthodontics- Fixed & Removable Appliances.
5.Periodontics-Oral Prophylaxis,Scaling & Root Planing, Flap Surgery,Bone Grafting,Gingevectomy.
6.Oral surgery -Impactions,Extractions,Frature Of Maxillary & Mandibular Reductions,Cysts Enucleation.
7.Operative Dentistry- Root canal Treatment,Episectomy,Composite Restorations,Silver Fillings,Pit&Fissure Sealents.Teeth Bleaching.
8.Pedodontics-Functonal Appalinces,Flouridation.

Other Dental Clinics:

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DNR Advanced Dental Hospital

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Nellore Dental Hospital

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